Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Intro to Space Clearing

The first step to healing your home and creating a haven and a sanctuary for you and your family is clearing any negative energy that may be preventing the warm, welcoming atmosphere you want in your home.

Negative energy, like the kind created by a heated argument, an illness, or a period of depression, can build up in your home, and get in the way of creating the warm, loving atmosphere you want.

You know how people say, "If these walls could speak?". Well, they do, in a way. Each room holds the energy of all the memories that took place there--unless they've been cleared. Once they are cleared, you will have made room for all the loving memories you want to create, and that energy is what will welcome you when you come home!

Next week, we will talk about preparing yourself and setting an intention.

Have a wonderful autumn day!


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