Monday, October 11, 2010

How to Find the Objects that Hold Negative Energy in Your Home

Today, we're going to follow-up last week's mental tour with an actual tour of your home for a deeper exploration...

Take the Tour

In each room, walk slowly, pausing often to take in each of your possessions. You might want to take pen and paper to take note of what feels okay and what doesn't.

For those of you who, like me, are pack rats, or have great difficulty letting go of things, here's a suggestion. Take an empty box with you and go from room to room. Each time you look at or touch something you think holds negative energy, put it in the box. Do that until you have gone through every room.

In each room, take note of how you feel as you gaze at each piece.

Questions to Ask Yourself

(1) Can you hold the gaze? Does any part of you tighten or clench in response?

(2) Are there things that just don't feel like you any more or that hold the energy of negative memories?

(3) When you look at them, does your energy increase, decrease or stay the same?

(4) What about the photos? How do you feel as you look at them?

If you have pictures of people with whom you now have conflict, think about the fact that those pictures may remind you of it subconsciously, even if you hardly notice it as you enter the room.

Next week we talk about what to do with your box of stuff and how to eventually let go of the objects that are draining your energy.

Have a wonderful autumn day!


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