Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Creating Elemental Harmony: The Water Home

"The first thing you will feel when you walk into a typical Water home is warmth and comfort. It feels good to be there. This home is often filled with the traditional comforts of home: bread baking in the oven, handmade quilts on the beds, a dog curled in front of the hearth, a soft comfortable couch, flowered curtains blowing in the wind, roses blooming just outside the window." ~~Denise Linn

Which Element Most Closely Aligns with Your Spirit?

Most of us have an alignment with one element of nature more than the others. Which element we most align with seems to be closely connected to personality type and to the way we approach life. To determine your elemental alignment, consider each week’s featured element and the recommendations made for fall decorating.

Which one would you say seems most to fit the style you’d like to create? Which one calls to you?

The Water Home

"At home, we get in touch with our truth" --Alexandra Stoddard

For a Water home, you need to lighten the colors ("water" them down) as you decorate for the season, but that doesn't mean you can't incorporate signs of autumn in your d├ęcor.

Your goal is to have more water element features...

Because they are circular, wreaths are good, but to give them a water theme, pair the dark leafy green with a lighter green, adding a few touches of light gold.

Try two-tone candles, which will bring in the deep green of autumn, but marry it with a lighter, more oceany one (seagreen, etc). Do the same thing with orange or coral, and peach, and with other combinations like burgundy and pink, etc.

For comfort, add throws with similar color combinations. Draped fabric, in any color, is a water feature, so you can get away with colors that aren't pastel or sea colors and still nurture this energy.

Have a wonderful autumn day!


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