Friday, October 29, 2010

Conquering Clutter: An Hour at a Time

Only Work for an Hour

Stick to your plan for only working an hour or whatever amount of time you have scheduled so you will trust yourself to do it next time. You can get your kids to watch the clock!

Seeing it all sparkle and come to life is incredibly rewarding and that may inspire you to keep going now that everything looks so much better.

I have gotten caught in that trap, myself, and what was supposed to be a few minutes of straightening up turns into three hours of wearing myself out. Which feels wonderful once you are doing but almost guarantees that you will not do that again for a long time!

And remember, this unplanned marathon habit is part of the problem!

Bonus Tip: Reward Yourself

Plan a reward for yourself every time you carry out this new plan successfully. Do not break the bank doing it but make sure you have something to look forward to as your reward for all that hard work.

That anticipated reward is part of what will motivate you to do it again the next day or the next week it is on the schedule. And part of the reward could happen before or during the work, like playing your favorite music or eating a pancake breakfast before you begin.

This new plan solves the problem that the old plan could not resolve: it does not tie up all of your time, it will not leave you exhausted, it makes it possible to trust yourself to keep going until it is all done (eventually) and best of all, it gets rid of your clutter!


An hour this weekend, that's not a lot, is it? And then, you can have a reward. Let me know how it works out!

Have a wonderful autumn day!


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