Friday, October 22, 2010

Conquering Clutter: Clean While You Clear

Clean While You Clear

Part of the hassle of clearing clutter is the surprise cleaning that pops up! You wanted to move all that stuff out of the way but did you also want to vacuum the floor underneath and wipe down the counter and dust everything nearby?

Have cleaning supplies available, so that as you move things around, you won't have to go get something to wipe down the area you have just uncovered. And that way, you will not lose momentum and you lessen the hassle of adding cleaning to the mix.

You could even designate that task. You could be the dynamo who gets it all into the box and out of the way and one of your children could walk in your wake and clean up the mess you have uncovered.


This weekend, try getting the kids in on the act! That always makes it so much easier when I do it. Let me know if it works.

Have a wonderful autumn day!


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