Thursday, October 14, 2010

Healing with the Medicine Wheel, Part Two ~~ Going Deeper

Creating A Medicine Wheel

In last week's post, the focus was on making a simple five-stone medicine wheel for healing. It can be placed anywhere in the house and used for any healing purpose.

This week, we look at going deeper with a more extensive medicine wheel...

Full Medicine Wheel with 36 Stones

"If you really want your life back on track, spend the time to make a full 36 stone Medicine Wheel using the following order and the graphic as a guide: Golden Eagle, Coyote, Grizzly Bear, White Buffalo, Creator, Snow Goose, Otter, Cougar, Red Hawk, Beaver, Deer, Woodpecker, Sturgeon, Brown Bear, Raven, Snake, Elk, Tortoise, Lizard, Loon, Turtle, Frog, Thunderbird, Butterfly, Hummingbird, Owl, Firefly, Rabbit, Salmon, Wolf, Whale, Mouse, Ant, Racoon, Earthworm, Dolphin. Speak to every part of your soul, all 36 Power Animals, introduce yourself to all of them - Great healing will occur. Work either in your imagination or you can physically construct a Medicine Wheel in your home or garden." –Samantha Britt Williams

Have a wonderful autumn day!


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  1. Jeanine - I'm First Nation and I've been working with the Medicine Wheel for over 20 years. It's helped me in self-discovery, healing, and walking in a sacred manner. My grand-father used to make Wheels for Farmers in the early 1930's. The magnetism of the Wheel actually helps with keeping mice away. It's known to enhance fertility as well. I've been using it in my garden for over a decade. People always ask me "what's my secret" when it comes to my garden.... I don't use any kind of fertilizer and yet -- all my plants and trees grow beautifully. How do you work with the Wheel?