Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Creating Elemental Harmony: How to Decorate an Earth Home for Fall

"The Earth home often contains rich textures, treasures from many lands, big earthen pots, anything made of wood, wrought iron, beautiful baskets, and a wonderful array of scents, from sandalwood and frankincense to a whiff of ratatouille wafting from the kitchen. It's also a home that says: 'Forget the rules -- this is what I like." ~~Denise Linn, Feng Shui for the Soul

Creating Elemental Harmony

Most of us have an alignment with one element of nature more than the others. This alignment, if supported by your home's d├ęcor, will be nurturing and will help you function optimally. Which element we most align with seems to be closely connected to personality type and to the way we approach life.

Your home can be a support or an energy drain.

Knowing what your elemental alignment is, and that of your home can help you to create the home you really want.

To determine your elemental alignment, consider each week’s featured element (on Wednesdays) and the recommendations made for fall decorating. Which one seems most to fit the style you’d like to create? Which one calls to you?

We will probably spend some time in November getting more clear about which is your dominant element, but for now, with this weekly, month-long introduction, just consider what you like.

Just adding a small touch of one element to a room can shift the energy in a powerful way and will improve the health and energy of everyone there.

Remember, though, to add a balance of the other types, so each element is represented.

7 Fall Decorating Tips for the Earth Home

"Whenever we feel at home we move through our daily lives in tune with our superior spirit" --Alexandra Stoddard

If you are creating an Earth home because that's your primary element, and would like to decorate for this season, here are some suggestions...

(1) Fall is really your season, so you really can't go wrong!

(2) Create wreaths with fall leaves

(3) Hang paintings of leaves

(4) Buy pots or baskets of flowers in orange, rust, green or brown colors

(5) Go wild with pumpkins, but keep the bigger ones low to the ground

(6) Add light after the sun goes down with orange or brown candles

(7) Katie Brown suggests creating a centerpiece by pairing white pillar candles with autumn leaves (

Have a wonderful autumn day!


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