About this Blog

Do you love to decorate?

I do. I always have! But sometimes, I would buy something that looked wonderful in the store or catalog and not like the way it looked on the table or living room wall or mantel. And even when I did like it, sometimes the room still didn't feel right. Or I didn't. I had no idea why or what to do about it.

A Tribe of Mom Decorators

If you are a part of this blog's tribe, your goal is to create a haven for yourself and your family, but you may not always know how.

Have you ever moved everything around and changed the whole look of a room several times before finally giving up and moving it back to the way it was before?

I have, too!

And then, I began to makes friends with Amazon.com and hang out in the decorating section at Barnes & Noble. I read almost everything I could get my hands on and even took an interior redesign course.

Sharing What I Have Learned

The combination of things I learned changed my life! I learned that the way you decorate your home can either support you and help you become who you really are or, at the other end of the continuum, alienate you and make you not even want to be at home.

Now, I love my home and I love being at home! When I am not there, I cannot wait to get back to it!! And I live in a fairly small apartment. My dream is to own a big lakefront cabin some day, similar to the one in the picture up there. But between now and then, I know how to turn every home into one I love.

What I want to do in this blog is share what I have learned and tell you what has worked for me. I will provide lots of info and tell you where to find more.

Thanks so much for taking a look at my blog!