Tuesday, June 9, 2015

My Plan for Conquering Clutter Going Forward

Conquering Clutter

So, you know that last month, I did a 30-day home makeover challenge which led to some major decluttering in my apartment. I am so grateful for that experience and am determined not to build up another 8 years worth of clutter!

I am going to share several pieces of my no-clutter plan, but in this post, I just want to focus on one idea that I found so helpful as I was trying to create order last month.


I cannot believe how much better a collection of stuff looks when it is inside a pretty basket. So what I did was get rid of everything I felt I could let go of, and then I'd take what was left and find a basket for it. I did that over and over again in space after space in my apartment and it worked!

So I am sold on baskets as a solution! If you'd like to read more about how you can use baskets to conquer clutter or get more organized, read this post at Organizing Made Fun.

Have a wonderful day!


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