Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Home Makeover Challenge: Week Four

"In those especially crazy seasons, when I’m decluttering like a mad woman and my house is a complete mess, restoring order and prettiness to at least part of the house lets me feel more at peace so I can take a deep breath and keep on going." ~Melissa Michaels,

Boy, does that describe the craziness I have been experiencing this month! And we also were finishing up our homeschool year.

The Vision for Your Home

"If you've been following along you're probably a heck of a lot more clear on your vision - which is everything. Having a clear vision of your style and functional needs allows you to build a home over time without wasting money on things that don't work." ~Baiyina Hughley, Home Makeover Challenge

You know, she's right. During these past few weeks, I have definitely become more clear about my vision for my home. And I would have thought I was clear before, if you'd asked me. So this challenge has really helped me clarify what I want for my home.

Natural Country Coastal Style

I have always known that my home decorating style is natural, country and rustic. But I have come to realize that it also needs to have coastal influence and spirituality. And I am not averse to touches of bohemian whimsy (LOL).
And now that I have done so much decluttering, a plan is beginning to come together for the home decorating changes I intend to make. I'm actually getting excited about it!

What about you? Do you have a clear vision for your home?

Have a wonderful day!


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