Saturday, May 23, 2015

My Trip to Home Goods this Weekend!

Home Decorating Field Trip

Now that my home is a lot more clutter free than it used to be, I got the urge to look around at ways I might decorate better. Home decorating is fun but can be a challenge, and I guess with all the clutter, I wasn't very motivated to bother.

But today, I was ready to look around! I love the newly-decluttered look in my entryway, but that makes me want to make the very most of it since it's the first thing we see when we come home.

More than I Bargained for

So I went to Home Goods ostensibly to look at tables I might want to buy when my budget permits. I found a whole lot more. In fact, one of the baskets I saw wouldn't let me leave without it. :)

But I also did a lot of intention-setting for what I want to bring home when I can.

(found on Home Goods Pinterest board)

I saw a clock with a coral starfish and other ocean-y accents. I think it will be perfect for my entryway wall.

And then I saw a beautiful picture of a rocky ocean that drew me in and made me fall in love. It reminds me of the goddess. It will be perfect for my landing!

What about the Basket?

I used the basket for my abundance layout. I like the table where I placed it, but wished there was a way to have it there without it being immediately obvious when walking in to the room.

So I put the abundance crystal layout in the basket...

Have you been inspired to do any home decorating lately?

Have a wonderful weekend!


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