Thursday, September 9, 2010

Welcome to "Create a Home for Your Soul"...

What does "home" mean to you?

For some it is a temporary resting place in between working 9 to 5 and heading out for night life, or between soccer mom duty to music lesson to den mother to dinner on the table and a collapse until it starts again.

For others, it is a haven. A home for the soul. A place to feel the warmth and comfort of belonging and connection.

What makes the difference?

Well, I believe we can answer that question on several levels, but what I want to emphasize is that there are spiritual and energetic principles that can guide you and techniques you can use to create exactly the home you want.

It can help fuel all that frenetic activity or help create and sustain the quiet, restful haven you long to have. As we begin this blog on how to create a home for the soul, here is an overview of five ways to transform the energy in your home...

Clearing the Clutter: We all know how powerful this action can be in the aesthetic sense, but not everyone realizes and you may not know, yourself, how powerful it can be, spiritually, to get rid of your clutter. If it takes up space, it holds your energy hostage. Getting rid of clutter, one room at a time, or one drawer at a time, will be empowering in ways you can not imagine.

Space Clearing: Your home has absorbed the energy of every person or thing that has ever been there. The builder, the realtor, your family and friends, gifts given and received. It also holds the energy of every argument, every illness, and every struggle with depression or anxiety, unless the space has been cleared. Clearing it gives you and your family the opportunity to start fresh.

Elemental Harmony: Connecting with nature – though it is important to bring the outside in, and also important to have all of the elements represented in your home, you will feel best with a predominance of the element you are most aligned with or connect to most, emotionally.

Creating a Medicine Wheel: Working with the energies of the medicine wheel and creating it physically in your home, using crystals, is a powerful way to infuse your home with healing energy.

Intuitive Resonance: Every single item in your home gives off energy. Each one is either helping to create a sense of wellbeing or creating disharmony. There are things in your home that you do not resonate with, but you may not know it. Finding them and then, letting them go will change the way your home feels immediately.

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