Thursday, September 16, 2010

An Autumn Porch (Ideas from Country Living)...

(photo credits: Robin Stubbert)

Furnish Your Outdoor Room: You’ll need at least one comfortable chair (but two is even better), a good, sturdy table, and a throw or a blanket in case you get chill while you’re soaking up the fall atmosphere.

Pretty, Decorative Touches: Add a pretty wreath or a bouquet or both! For the autumn leaf display, get a pretty container (vintage, like the one in the picture, if you can find it) and inside it, place an oasis block you have soaked with water. Arrange your autumn leaves colorfully. The cooler the weather, the likelier it will be that you will find brightly colored leaves for your bouquet.

Tough Furniture: Choose furnishings made of wicker, metal, and wood, that can handle weather changes.

Photo Credit for autumn wreath: Matthew Benson

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